What is it?

About Cool Off

The aim of these camps is for children to have as much fun as possible over the summer while learning English in a natural and entertaining way. We have thought of everything to make your children’s week with us an unforgettable experience.

The everyday routines of our camps have been planned meticulously to ensure that children have a fantastic time doing activities while learning English. As well as learning new vocabulary and structures in English, core values such as tolerance, respect and integration are promoted. We explore new ways of experiencing and thinking with the children.

The fact that levels are uniform will allow your children to make the most out of the camps, as we are fully aware of the language contents they can work with, and this will allow us to recycle this content and optimise it so they can continue to make progress.

This way we can ensure that the immersion process brings about optimum results, and that the educational material and resources are suitable for the group’s real ability.