This year’s new feature is the fact that there are three camps available in three different geographical regions.

One of the options is the “Molí de la Riera”, country house, in the town of Sant Pere de Torelló (Barcelona), in the plain of Vic area. It is set in a rural environment and is surrounded by woodland, oaks and riparian vegetation.

The second option and another of this year’s new locations is the farm school “La Vaca en bicicleta”in the central region of the country. It is located in the Madrid area, on a country estate of about 11 hectares with woodlands, 6 km from the town of Fuentidueña del Tajo. The facilities have been completely renovated and adapted with a functional design which is just perfect for organising camps.

The third option is the Casa de Corconte country house, another new camp for this year. It is located in the municipality of Campo de Yusoo, a beautiful spot of great natural richness in the Cantabria del Ebro, the perfect environment to have fun surrounded by nature.

Molí de la RieraLa Vaca en bicicletaCasa de Corconte